Fixed Stalls

For larger animal amounts we offer a fixed stable system.  Nevertheless our fixed stable cover appropriate animal conditions. They also got a huge economical potential.

Mobistall Fixed Stalls

Our fixed stables also offer a lot of benefits like our mobile versions.

  • animal friendly air conditioning
  • highly energy efficient
  • light construction wise
  • Animal healthieness
  • completely reconstructable

Some important side information

  • 8,00 m or 12,00 m width
  • The length is variable and depends on your favor. The ridge height is variable – depending to the animals.
  • The sizes reach from 300 to 2.000 m². Especially our little stables can be realised on a small budget.
  • The construction of the stable is build by hot zync dipped steel, sandwich panels and a smart isolatred roof system.
  • We create everything you need for your builing application.

As we are producing every fixed stable individually we are able to fit your special needs.

Completed Projects

We’d love to hear from you. Please send us an e-mail so we can show you how to create a profitable and ethical farming business using our mobile stalls.

“A Happy Animal is a Productive Animal”

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