Mobile Calf Stalls

Experts know how important a good start of the calves is. The optimal health of the calves is due to the future health and performance of the animal.

Designed as a superior alternative to traditional housing, the Mobistall Calf Stalls are designed to optimize both calf wellness and operational efficiency. They are equipped with innovative features to deliver on our promise of healthier calves, healthier herds, healthier lives.

Mobile Calf Stall

Our mobile calf stalls can accommodate around 10 to 70 calves (from the suckling calf to the age of about one year) at individual locations on the farm or pasture land. Through the mobility of the system, you can keep all options for the operational design of the site open.

In addition, the mobile calf stall offers further advantages: The insulated calf stall buffers weathering. It also offers pleasant climatic conditions for the calves in winter as well as in summer. There is no condensation on the ceiling as the roof tarpaulin is completely insulated. Due to the natural cross ventilation, a lot of fresh air gets into the barn without any drafts. The simple distortion of the stall is more often depleted. This significantly improves the hygienic status in the calf stall.

Completed Projects

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“A Happy Animal is a Productive Animal“

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