Mobistall Maxi Broiler

The mobile poultry stable “Rundbogen” could be recommended from breeding chick’s to the finished mast chicken. You choose which art of poultry you want to grow up in this stable it is capable for a lot of poultry like water poultry, special poultry (guinea fowls, quails) are just examples.

Mobistall Maxi Broiler

The “Rundbogen” has a width of 8 meters and is variable in length from 8 to 32 meters this ends in areas from 32m^2 to 256m^2.
The “Rundbogen” has a natural cross ventilation in summer as winter and has no need for extra ventilators (Energy saving).

  • Meal bulk hupper
  • automatical feeding
  • automatical light control
  • automatical stable doors
  • automatical climate control

The interior depends on which animals you want use and breeding policies.

Energy supply
230 Volt and an autarkic solution with photovoltaik is possible.

Easy to move – Cleaning could be very fast done.

Completed Projects

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“A Happy Animal is a Productive Animal”

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