Mobistall Mini Layer

The Mobistall Mini Layer is one of the most compact, efficient and high quality mobile chicken stalls on the market.  It is also very competitively priced.  This stall is available in two different sizes with a fixed width of 4 meters and a variable length of 8 or 10 meters which gives up to 32m^2 or 40m^2 of usable area. It has the capacity to house up to 600 hens. The capacity depends on the size, system and stocking policy you want to use.

The stall is also fully insulated and can be automatically climate controlled if required. That’s why it could be used the whole year even in hard winters and hot summers. Furthermore our stalls feature natural cross ventilation which is the most efficient system you can use. All of these points don’t just save money they also guarantee healthy animals. Every stall can be combined with a winter garden.


The Barn System

The Barn system can be used for hybrid and laying hen’s.

  • This system could be used for up to 600 chicken.
  • On the base ground will be perch, feeding grounds and nests.

Interior Options

  • Egg collector manually (recommended) or automatically
  • automatical nest lock (otherwise some chicken will never come out)
  • automatical opening stable doors
  • automatical light control

The Aviary System

The mobile stable “Regio” is well prepared for laying hen’s, double use chicken and chicken breeding. It is recommended for mid size businesses.

  • appropiate animal behaviors
  • easy movement
  • up to 600 chicken
  • more animals per ground base
  • Workflow optimization threw well chosen automizations

Interior Options

  • automatical egg collector
  • automatical nest lock
  • automatical feeding
  • dunging threw automatical belts
  • automatical stable doors
  • automatical light control
  • optionale climate control

Everything could be controlled over the control enclosure

The Winter Garden

The mobile chicken stable “Regio” in combination with a winter garden is highly recommended for demeter businesses, bio and free-range carriage in general. The winter garden is also isolated and climated and could folded away In addition it is very usefull to present your customers transparancy.

Your animals become a new free area to scratch and in case of huge illnesses you got a lot of advantages. The chicken become more relaxed and your quality raises.

Completed Projects

We’d love to hear from you. Please send us an e-mail so we can show you how to create a profitable and ethical farming business using our mobile stalls.

“A Happy Animal is a Productive Animal“

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