Mobile Pig Stalls

The regional demand for meat from swine species is increasing. Consumers also reward the better meat quality of these animals financially. A mobile pig stall means a suitable animal husbandry system can be presented to the end user.

Mobile Pig Stall

As a rule, traditionally kept pigs have less movement, they are more susceptible to diseases and build less muscle flesh. This is why the mobile pig stall offers numerous advantages in grazing pigs:

  • Healthier pigs
  • Appropriate attitude
  • Presentable production
  • Good ratio of labor and income (economic efficiency)
  • Market and consumption-oriented economies
  • Group keeping of the animals possible, ideal for direct marketing, because several age groups can be held together

The mobile pig stall is suitable for holding from 40 to 200 fattening pigs, the keeping of two groups in a stable is possible. Pigs feel comfortable in our mobile stall with a separate lying and feeding area. We set up your system complete with feed and water supply.

Completed Projects

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“A Happy Animal is a Productive Animal”

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